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See your business from every angle

and instantly document imagery and data with the IDS Capture App

every inch of your property, at anytime, from anywhere

key personnel and team members through automated reporting and data sharing



Capture App

The IDS Mobile Capture App provides multi-site Remote Project Management solutions for your business. See how ACTIONABLE IMAGERY™ can streamline audits, property maintenance, site projects, and reporting processes. We've made it possible to virtually inform your team with a centralized viewer platform that allows you to make better business decisions anywhere.
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How it works:

Capture inspection and 360 imagery with pinpoint geo-tag accuracy.
IDS Capture App
Add custom metadata and notes, review, and
direct upload to the IDS Platform.
Review & Upload
IDS Capture App
The IDS Platform Viewer creates an immersive business environment that allows all stakeholders visibility to the captured imagery and data.
Immerse & Collaborate
IDS Capture App


IDS Viewer

The IDS Viewer is a multi-user web-based platform for hosting all your sites imagery, data, and reporting. This platform is critical for businesses to view their properties in a first-person perspective. Access 3D walkthroughs, High Definition Aerial and 360 imagery, Terrestrial imagery, Floor Plans, As-Built BIM/CAD within one secure portal. Continuously manage the life cycle of site projects from inspections, remodels, surveys, due diligence, site assessments, and virtual tours. A virtual 3D scan of all your sites gives you permanent access to visually see important layout and mechanical information for your space for ongoing facility management and maintenance.
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Automated Reporting

The IDS Report Builder allows you to extract images and data into a report summary. Communicate to vendors, on-site personnel, architects, bid contractors, and many more with clean exported imagery and data. Build a reusable data model and automate your data transformation with repeatable tasks and workflows.
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why choose IDS?

Cost savings
Every one of our solutions provides a level of cost savings, including reduction in travel to sites, supplementing the need for other vendors, as well as adding efficiency to third-party programs. The IDS Platform provides a single point of access to imagery and data for inspections, remodels, building maintenance, and historical documentation of all your sites.
Save Time
With immersive imagery and location intelligence, teams now have visibility to their properties at their fingertips. The Capture App and custom data lets you communicate from field to office and brings additional perspectives to make more efficient and effective decisions.
Now more than ever, businesses will need to communicate to customers and their on-site teams how they are implementing new safety standards and design infrastructure. With a 3D scan of your space you can show peace of mind and build consumer confidence with virtual site walk through.
We provide a platform for companies to make facility management decisions based on a first-person perspective and services to capture the imagery necessary to get that perspective. We capture high definition detail of interior, exterior, terrestrial, and aerial imagery. Our immersive platform gives first-person perspective of every inch of your assets.
Host all your sites, imagery, and data in one web-based platform optimized for visually planning all your projects. Accurately quote projects, identity planning phases, and easily document and share project details.
With one simple yet powerful interface you’ll gain location intelligence for your entire portfolio. Visually verify phases of project completion, monitor for safety and compliance, and report project status updates with all stakeholders. Our visualization solutions lets you map out the present and future of your sites.

Our Stories

Help retailers visualize their remodel initiatives from a centralized location to make critical business decisions. Up-to-date visual and dimensional information for Asset Documentation, Site Maintenance, Remodel Projects, Visual Merchandising, and Marketing.

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Immersive Remodel Evaluation Program
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