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We provide ACTIONABLE IMAGERY™ solutions for multi-site properties and their partners. Utilizing immersive environments and allowing you to virtually manage and make more effective and efficient decisions about your locations.

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Facility Management

All of your sites and corresponding imagery accessible in a secure web-based platform. Transform how you manage sites anywhere from a virtual walk-through to a full-scale digital twin. Bringing cross-functional capabilities to the forefront to facilitate Asset Management, Risk Management, Operations & Maintenance, and Business Management.

Design and manage your building with the latest engineering technologies. Visualize the entirety of your physical site: roof, exterior, and interior. Having a digital copy of your site or building is useful for operation, maintenance, and investment decisions.
Optimize Facilities Management with visual monitoring of all your sites. Know the state of infrastructure and machinery, and manage projects and ongoing maintenance.
360 virtual walk-through of your entire site. Conduct Inspections with geo-referenced image capture, communicate data and instructions to on-site personnel.

IDS' Professional Services and Software Platform are proven to better equip your teams with virtual site mapping, planning, collaboration, multi-site visibility, organization, and saving time and cost on travel. ​Choose between 360VR, HD360VR, 3D Model, Site Plan upload only, Infrared Scan, Moisture Readers, and more. Solutions are packaged  pending on the specific needs of your business. Our team of professionals will work closely with you to determine the imagery angles and geo-tagged location.


A digital twin or virtual replica of your site to combine the physical building in a virtual environment with 3D Modeling hosted on the IDS Platform. From design to build, remodel or other project get a clear visual and dimensional data.

Utilizing a combination of advanced technologies with drones, sensors, networks, and cloud computing to create a digital twin of your site. Physically manage and inspect assets like buildings and equipment prior to on-site visits.
With visual and dimensional documentation to provide better insights on how to better manage building and equipment. Track performance and site modifications for better investment decisions.  
Share the current and historical asset details with new owners, partners and other key stakeholders.

Our construction solutions benefit with ACTIONABLE IMAGERY™ where project managers and other key personnel can save time and resources working with a digital replica of their site. Remote management of the life cycle of your entire project benefits vendors, construction to facilities transfer, personnel training, as well as providing consistent communication to stakeholders and owners.  

Real Estate

Bringing real estate assets to life with dynamic virtual representation of the physical asset, allowing you to better understand the performance of your assets. Immersive solutions deliver benefits across the lifecycle of your building and help solve problems in a shorter amount of time to reduce costs.

Conduct valuation of fixed assets with a combination of 3D model and virtual walkthrough of the entire site. Inspect infrastructure and examine maintenance of assets and machinery.  
Property Improvement Plan:

With a visual representation of your asset bring your property in compliance with brand standards. Collaborate with all personnel to help facilitate updates, increase guest satisfaction, and drive performance and profitability.
360 virtual walk-through of your entire site. Conduct Inspections with geo-referenced image capture, communicate data and instructions to on-site personnel.

Our real estate solutions from a corporate perspective build brand and help drive loyalty. Share and collaborate with your team and partners with the use of 360 virtual walkthroughs to a full scale digital twin, making better decisions. In addition, use historical and real-time imagery and data to help drive optimal outcomes. Complex planning, design, construction, operations, and demolition can be achieved in a virtual environment, integrating systems to create a centralized repository for all data and decision making.


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