Actionable Imaging™ Services


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Actionable Imaging™ Services

Up to Date Global Map View
Utilizing UAS imagery to provide uniform scale across the image allowing you to take measurements while providing an aerial perspective. With a high definition aerial photo you can view the sides of buildings and other objects, giving you visibility of the site with perspective and accuracy.
High Definition Aerial Imagery
IDS Capture App
The IDS Viewer has a layer function that allows you to add existing floor plans or 2D drawings to any site. Document and manage historical plans, providing an overview of the assets life cycle from start to finish.With increased visibility you can save time and resources, as well as share and collaborate with partners.

Our team of Certified Imagery Technicians specialize in crafting exterior site plans, interior floor plans, reflective ceiling plans (RCP), and elevation plans.
2D & 3D Drawings
IDS Capture App
3DVR Tour
With terrestrial scanning we create a dollhouse walk-through of the property or area of the site desired by the client. View your space remotely, take measurements, and share with key decision makers. Visual Remote Project Management allows you to inspect the site prior to having boots on the ground. With these tools our clients see increased time management and better allocation of their resources.
Immersive Virtual Reality Tour
Aerial 360
Perspective is crucial for visual management of your assets. Our Certified Imagery Technicians use advanced technology to capture a vast area, creating immersive 360 degree panoramas that has viewers feeling as though they are inside the photo. Share powerful imagery with clients, investors, or partners to demonstrate property value, depict existing structures, retailers, location features and more.
High Definition Exterior Aerial Imagery
IDS Capture App
Deficiency Photos
Gain more visibility to your asset with up close imagery that specifically identifies areas of your property for repair or maintenance. Ideal for maintenance operations, inspections, and overall building health analysis.
High Zoom-ability and Detail
IDS Capture App
Digital Twin
The digital twin of your building or enhanced Building Information Model (BIM) provides insights on how to better manage the site from Planning, Construction, Operations, and Hand-off. Now more than ever technology plays a key role in Facility Management. Digital twin is an immersive representation of the physical asset, and when paired with the correct platform provides an all-encompassing solution for the FM's, Construction and Real Estate sectors.
3D Model
IDS Capture App
With a combination of ground control points and aerial imagery to get the exact slope/contour and elevation of exterior surfaces.
Exterior Elevation Imagery
IDS Capture App
With infrared scanning Facility Managers can determine the health of their buildings' exterior or roof. Understand potential water or heat damage areas, and work with inspectors and maintenance to facilitate repairs.
Roof Inspections and Exterior Facades
IDS Capture App
Terrestrial 360
Terrestrial scanning provides complete visibility of your site with quality images for photo tours, 3DVR or virtual tours, and insight to deficiency areas. Geo-tagged locations are captured within the database so you can pin-point specific areas.
Interior or Exterior 360 Ground Imagery
IDS Capture App


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